Speech and Language Therapy


Ruth Jacobs is now part of the London Children’s Practice Group
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Speech and Language Therapists can work with children of all ages 0-18 years.
Children come to see us because there are concerns about:
• Feeding
• Speech and Language development (understanding and using language)
• Speech clarity
• Voice quality
• Stammering
• Social and interactional skills
• Listening and attention
• Literacy
• Global developmental delay
• Autism
• Bilingualism

Children are referred by:
• GPs
• Paediatricians
• Paediatric Neurologists
• Otolaryngologsists / ENT Specialists
• Psychologists and Psychiatrists
• Other professionals
• Schools and Nurseries
• Parents

We carry out an assessment to establish the nature of the child’s difficulties and suggest a therapy programme comprising:
• Individual therapy
• Group therapy
• A combination of Individual and Group therapy
• School programme
• Home programme
• Review monitoring

We work with many children from non-english speaking backgrounds. We are able to carry out assessments in French, Japanese, Greek, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. We are happy to work with interpreters. Therapy is usually carried out in English if the patient is an English speaking educational placement. Therapy can be provided in French, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian and other languages via an interpreter.

Speech Language Therapists and Therapy Assistants are able to follow through programmes at school and at home. The programmes are supervised on a weekly basis by a senior Speech and Language Therapist.

The child’s progress is monitored to ensure that the programme fulfils the child’s needs and that the mode of therapy is the most appropriate.

Ruth Jacobs M.Sc. MRCSLT SRLT
Ruth Jacobs is the principal of the therapy team. Ruth is a very experienced and well known Speech and Language Therapist.

After a long and well respected career in the NHS, she became a solely independent practitioner in 1986 and set up the highly successful Ruth Jacobs and Colleagues Practice which she sold in 2003. Ruth has pursued her career in developing two further practices- one in North West London and Chelsea Children’s Therapy.

Wendy Jenkins
Practice Manager
Tel: 01328 730 782 / 07979 841 866